For those that can not make it to Portugal or Cyprus for my 3/4 day program, I run a condensed version at a 2 day seminar and gives you an insight into the full program.

At this event you will learn:

  • how to be that 1% of the 1% colony that generates an eight figure turnover;
  • how you can grow your business exponentially;
  • how you can improve sales revenues by 40% in the next year organically;
  • what the golden ingredients are that are required to be able to scale to 8-figure revenues
  • How Paul grew a recruitment business from a standing start to eight figure revenues.
  • Putting the right financial controls in place that ensure your business generates significant cashflows & can grow;
  • How to protect your assets & put the right legal & tax structure in place that helps your business scale;
  • Balance sheet thinking – using your assets to grow & scale;
  • How to improve sales by 40% organically and without spending any money;
  • Getting your business oversubscribed so marketing becomes natural and people can’t get enough of your business;
  • Hiring smarter people than you – why & how
  • Running your business on autopilot;
  • Using M&A as a way to significantly grow your business and how to make acquisitions of profitable multi million pound companies without using your own money;
  • Becoming a key person of influence

The next seminar is being run on 18th / 19th September 2018 in Manchester.

To book your place follow the link below. You will receive confirmation within 24 hours with your event ticket. Parking on site is free. The event starts at 11am (registration & coffee) and finishes by 5pm, and on day two, the event starts at 8.30am and finishes at 3pm. Lunch & Evening meal included on first day; Breakfast & Lunch included on second day.