Program Content

So you already know I run my program at one of my holiday homes in Europe.

Here is what we cover …

You will arrive by mid afternoon on the first day and if you are on an earlier flight you are welcome to enjoy the facilities at the Villa.

Day One

  • Welcome & introduction & evening BBQ start at 4pm;
  • How Paul grew a recruitment business from a standing start to eight figure revenues.

Day Two – start 9am – finish early evening

  • Putting the right financial controls in place that ensure your business generates significant cashflows & can grow;
  • Case study technology company how we went from 7 to 8 figures in 2 years;
  • How to protect your assets & put the right legal & tax structure in place that helps your business scale;
  • Balance sheet thinking – using your assets to grow & scale;
  • Case Study – logistics – going from £6m to £25m in 3 years;
  • How to improve sales by 40% organically and without spending any money;
  • Getting your business oversubscribed so marketing becomes natural and people can’t get enough of your business;
  • Guest speaker – Tim Kitchen – Getting to number 1 on Google & growing a business to 65 people in under 4 years
  • Guest speaker – Entrepreneur – “how I grew a business to 550 staff in 4 years and sold it to one of the Worlds largest media groups”;
  • Guest speaker – The UKs most hated sales trainer
  • Hiring smarter people than you – why & how

Day three – start 9am – finish early evening

  • Running your business on autopilot;
  • Using M&A as a way to significantly grow your business and how to make acquisitions of profitable multi million pound companies without using your own money;

Day four – start 9am, finish lunchtime

  • Becoming a key person of influence
  • Guest speaker – “becoming a key person of influence & becoming oversubscribed”;
  • 15 minutes one on one with Paul;
  • Networking opportunity with other delegates & guest speakers;
  • Return flight.

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