Next Event

The next event is being run in September 2018 for further details, pricing & availability please contact us. Places are limited to just 10.

And a place is not open to everyone.

  • You need to be running an already successful business (turning over high 6 if not 7 figures);
  • You need to be completely focused on wanting to grow your business to 8-figures;
  • You need to be prepared to think differently than you do today;
  • You need to either be in a position to or at least be prepared to put yourself in a position to ensure you have key people that can run the ‘day to day operations’ of your business.

What you learn on my program is not ‘rocket science’ but you need to apply what you learn. You will not have the time to implement the strategies you learn if you have to run the day to day operations. I share how you can do this on my program. What I can’t help with is your mindset of you thinking you have to be there to run the show. If you can change that mindset I can show you how to scale your business. If you are unable to change that mindset then my program is not for you.

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Aside from running a M&A firm & investing in businesses, Paul is an in demand business speaker at business events around the globe. Sometimes these events are filmed and Paul includes snippets to those that want to receive information about how to grow their business. Enter your email address to get your free information:

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