Growth Summit

For every 10,000 startup businesses in the UK 9,400 will fail in first five years, only 100 will make it to £1m revenue and only 1 will make it to £10m.

So why is it so hard to setup and grow a business?

I have spent almost 20 years in business. I successfully grew an international recruitment business from a standing start before selling it. I have since been actively involved investing, buying and selling businesses in the SME space. I have been involved in hundreds of businesses and have had the privilege to work with some very talented entrepreneurs.

You can watch some videos of businesses I have been involved in and helped scale. Listen to how I helped a recruitment company go from £2.5m revenue to £15m in under three years and increased its EBIT three fold.

If you are reading this you already have a reasonably successful business but you want to grow it ambitiously. Perhaps you are seeing some organic growth but you are frustrated with the level of growth.

I run three times a year a boardroom style training event run over four days – I say boardroom it’s actually held at one of my luxury holiday homes in Greece, Cyprus or Spain.

This is an experiential training event were you can learn how to grow your business significantly, stably & quickly. You here from people that have been there, done it (sometimes more than once) and share their skills & expertise. The event puts you in front of high net worth investors including me who are looking to invest in great businesses that want to scale. 

At this event you will learn:

  • how to be that 1% of the 1% colony that generates an eight figure turnover;
  • how you can grow your business exponentially;
  • how to generate at least 15%-20% of your annual revenue in additional cashflow in the next 12 months (which you can use to invest / grow or acquire a competitor);
  • how you can improve sales revenues by 40% in the next year organically;
  • how to improve productivity in your business by at least one day for every staff member.

You don’t just hear from me you also hear from some famous (some not) entrepreneurs that have all significantly grown businesses to eight or nine figures. You hear their story and how they did it.

The reason it’s run in the sun is because I spend my time between the UK and my holiday homes – I actually spend more time in the year out of the UK – learning in a classroom in a hotel in London won’t be as memorable as in five star luxury.

Because this event is intense I’m cramming my expertise and that of others into only four days . There is a lot to cover.

It is limited to just 10 people per event.

  • You have to be running a business with high six figure / or seven figure turnover;
  • You want to grow quickly;
  • You need to be prepared to work hard – not long hours just there is a lot for you and your team to do post event.

What you also get is

  • access to me after the event and ongoing mentoring and ad hoc advice to help you grow your business;
  • my ‘black book’ which is basically introductions to various professionals, experts and financiers the best of the best that you can use to grow your business;
  • opportunities for JV/partnerships and private equity investment.

The reason I share my expertise

I love to see businesses grow.

This brings me in to contact with great business owners were there will be JV and investment opportunities

I travel globally for investment opportunities and this enables me to meet great businesses that fit my investment profile without me needing to travel the globe to meet them in the first instance.

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