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Paul Seabridge is a global business investor and operates a M&A (mergers & acquisitions firm). Paul is interested to help business owners turnaround, grow & scale businesses.

98% of the UK economy is made up of small and medium enterprises.

There are over 2.5m small & medium businesses in the US.

My next book is being published in the Autumn – How to grow a business to 8 figure revenues. Check back for latest release.


Learn from real examples including how Paul took a company from £750k to £2.7m revenues in 18 months.

Most people that come to run a business have not run one before and sometimes things outside their control can put the company into trouble.

Paul has written this book based on his real-life experience of businesses he has been involved in and successful turnarounds.

The book is designed to give the foundation on over 100 strategies anyone can implement that can make an almost immediate impact on a business. Many of the strategies cost nothing other than time.

‘How to turnaround any business in 30 days’

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16 Week Cashflow

Room of Change


Running a business is hard – if you get it right, it can generate an income, but income is just what you spend – the more you earn, the more you spend! It is only when you sell do you create real wealth.

Paul has sold several companies and has written this book based on his real-life experience of how you can sell a business quickly and efficiently. Ensuring you don’t have any lengthy earn out and that you get paid!

The book is designed to give the foundation but if anyone reading the book wants assistance in selling their business reach out.

How to sell your business

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